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A Homeowner in Ridgeland Got the Best Stone Cleaning Service for Her Living Room Floor

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September 18, 2023

A beautiful stone floor can still lose all its magic when the first marks start to appear. Even when there's not enough damage to draw attention to a specific fault on the surface, the accumulation of small scratches and etch marks is still enough to strip the stone of its natural shine. A homeowner in Ridgeland immediately noticed when her living room floor became dull and lifeless. She increased her cleaning efforts for weeks, but nothing brought back the tiles' beauty.

Stone Floor Before and After a Stone Cleaning in Ridgeland
After ruling out all the methods and products she was familiar with, the homeowner set out to find a hard surface restoration company in the area. She'd heard about Sir Grout of the Lowcountry, so our name caught her eye during her first Google search. The homeowner visited our website and read about our services. She decided to request an in-home evaluation before asking our specialists about our stone cleaning in Ridgeland.

Our techs responded soon after she contacted us. Just a few days later, they were ready to inspect the floors of her home. They confirmed that there was no serious damage to the surface early on in the evaluation, but the floor still needed professional cleaning and polishing to look its best. There were small imperfections on the stone tiles that our techs discovered upon a closer look, which is why our techs offered to hone and polish the surface after cleaning. As they explained during the appointment, soap-based products do little to preserve the shine of natural stone surfaces, and many generic cleaners are known for causing discoloration after a while. The client heard what they had to say and trusted them to solve their problem during their next visit.

On the scheduled date, our techs returned to the client's home in Ridgeland for the restoration. They began cleaning the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner and a high-speed scrubbing machine. Our product is free of harmful ingredients that could potentially trigger surface damage. Instead, it removes dirt more efficiently and helps protect high-traffic surfaces from the effects of wear and tear. After eliminating all the dirt on the stone tiles and the grout, our techs moved on to the next part of the process.

They honed the floor's surface using professional hand machines with various levels of grit. Then, they polished the stone until it went from having a striking matte finish to the desired level of shine to restore the floor's unique beauty. For maximum protection, our techs applied high-quality stone sealant and buffed the surface thoroughly. The sealant's protection is essential for areas subjected to foot traffic and external elements. It wards off water, mold, mildew, cosmetic residue, grease, etc. This results in fewer instances where the stains become embedded in the stone's porous surface.

Our techs completed the restoration and showed the client the results. She was pleased and amazed by the quality of our methods. The living room floor was a sight to behold, with the stone tiles boasting a pure glow and reflecting the room's lighting in a very elegant way. The client expressed her joy at the floor's final look and promised to recommend Sir Grout of the Lowcountry to everyone she knew.

Like all other sessions, our techs shared additional cleaning tips with the client before ending the appointment. First, they recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to preserve the stone and simplify the floor's maintenance. Because there are no harsh chemicals in our cleaner's formula, it can be used regularly without any side effects on the surface, and people are not at risk of being affected by toxic fumes. Our techs also recommended ensuring optimal indoor ventilation and opening the windows from time to time to allow the circulation of fresh air. One of the easiest ways to protect floors in high-traffic areas is by keeping a dry environment where dampness has no chance to thrive.

Stone surfaces offer countless benefits, like durability and an elegant appearance, but it's still relatively easy to scratch stone tiles by mistake. To prevent this from happening, our specialists recommended using non-abrasive tools like mops, a towel, or a terry cloth. This is also the most effective way to wipe the stains left by spills, dry liquids, mud, and other elements.

Your household surfaces deserve the best care. Sir Grout of the Lowcountry provides all the advantages to ensure exceptional results, from the latest equipment to the expertise of the best technicians in Ridgeland. Don't hesitate to call (843) 920-5559 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button if you're interested in scheduling an appointment. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions. Get the best hard surface restoration service from Sir Grout of the Lowcountry.
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