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Pitted Travertine Floor Gets Restored by Our Stone Cleaning Services in Ridgeland, SC

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July 16, 2023

Our next satisfied client had a beautiful pitted travertine floor that she wanted to have restored. There was enough dirt on the floor to darken the tiles and take over the grout. For weeks, the homeowner had tried multiple cleaning products hoping to remove at least some of the stains, but nothing seemed to get the filth off the floor. After quite some time without making any progress, the homeowner contacted Sir Grout of the Lowcountry to ask about our stone cleaning services in Ridgeland, SC.

Travertine Floor Before and After Our Stone Cleaning in Ridgeland, SC
The homeowner found our services through a suggested search. She entered our website and browsed through most of it, including our picture gallery and client testimonials, in an effort to learn more about what the restoration was all about. She clicked on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button and requested an in-home evaluation.

Our experts visited the client's home the day of the appointment to examine the floor. When they looked closely, they saw dirty grout lines and stained tiles. Filth covered almost all of the grout lines. The client also had a large dog, which contributed to the problem, especially the smell. Many store-bought cleaning products are hazardous to travertine surfaces, producing discoloration and allowing the absorption of water and other external components. The best course of action was to thoroughly clean and deodorize the entire floor, polish the stone tiles to eliminate any stains and seal the grout after removing the dirt. The client loved our plan, so a new appointment for the restoration was scheduled.

A few days later, our team took the tools they needed for the task back to the owner's house. They began by coating the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner before using a high-speed scrubber to remove all the filth and deodorize the entire surface. All types of stains are removed by our stone-safe product without any of the dangers associated with harsh chemical cleaning items. The travertine tiles had a brighter look after this step was carried out.

Finally, our professionals sealed the freshly restored floor's surface. To make the grout lines match the beige color of the travertine, they applied a coat of ColorSeal to them. Our sealer does more than just make the grout seem better. It also protects it from moisture, dirt, mold, mildew, and other outside elements, keeping it pristine for months regardless of how much foot traffic you receive during the day.

Our team let the client know we were done and she was thrilled with what she saw. The pitted travertine now looked like new, giving the floor a gorgeous appearance. The grout lines also contributed to the floors' more seamless appearance. Without a doubt, the client was happy with our work.

At the end of every job, we always provide further cleaning advice, and this was no exception. First, they advised cleaning natural stone surfaces only with pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our solution ensures the greatest outcomes and keeps the stone's luster for a very long time, and it doesn't wear down the sealant. Additionally, our experts cautioned the customer to maintain the surfaces dry and watch out for any areas that might be absorbing dirt, especially when owning a pet. Our experts advised utilizing a mop, a towel, or terry cloth as cleaning supplies to remove any stains and spills from the floor without damaging the stone. The client loved our overall services and thanked us for our work.

Sir Grout of the Lowcountry is here to offer advice if you have a natural stone surface but are unsure how to get its luster back. Our stone cleaning services will restore the beauty of your floor and help you maintain your surfaces for a very long time, no matter what the issue is. Call us at (843) 920-5559 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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